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Christer Sandahl has for over 40 years been living in the engineering world. Beginning with photo and chemistry in his teenage, over to electrical engineering in university, and into computer design as professional.

In his early working carrier Christer has all by himself several times constructed large computer systems, both hardware and software.

When computers got even larger and complex, he has for long periods managed software groups in successful local companies, as well as in large world wide combines, such as Sony Ericsson, and Axis Communications.

Christer has grown up in the “Gnosjö area” of Sweden, the origin of entrepreneurship. His family has a large transportation company, he and his brother has quality wine production in Hungary, and Christer has of cause taken on this way of living in his engineering profession.

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The ultimately comprehensive book:
Under the Skin of Complex Product Development

Great references:

This book will be self-published by Christer Sandahl.
AuthorHouse will print the book and offer it for internet sale.
How to buy the book will be announced at end of 2011.

Below references have all brought invaluable knowledge and courage

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Front cover Jim Collins
Overview Table of Content Ivar Jacobsson
Detailed Table of the content SEMAT
Chapter 1: Warning bells Villa Sandahl
Chapter  2: Product development
Chris Anderson
Chapter  3: Value Chain AuthorHouse
Chapter  4: Optimize concurrency  
Chapter  5: Portfolio & platforms  
Chapter  6: Requirements  
Chapter  7: Architectures  
Chapter  8: Finalize design  
Chapter  9: Integration  
Chapter 10: Verification and
Chapter 11: Line Management  
Chapter 12: Operations  
Chapter 13: Balancing players  
Chapter 14: Configuration control  
Chapter 15: Information mgmt  
Chapter 16: Quality system  
Chapter 17: Process and
Chapter 18: Assessment and
Glossary, Index and Back cover  


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